Hi There! So, are you ready to add some GOURMET to your life...

We know exactly what you are thinking...so what the heck is a Gourmet Peanut Condiment??

Our Gourmet Peanut Condiments are protein packed, globally flavored, no palm oil peanut butters that are inspired by flavors we have picked up from our travels. Made with love in small batches, right here in Denver, using only US Grown Peanuts + Non-GMO & Ethically sourced ingredients. We have 4 amazing flavors for you - Mumbai Chaat (inspired by Spicy Indian Street Foods); Royal Moghul (inspired by Persian Royalty); Mexicano (inspired by the robust flavors of Mexico) & Mardi Gras (inspired by amazing Creole flavors)


What do I do with it?

The real question is what can't you do with it. Great as a Spread on toast, bagels, sandwiches. Perfect as a dip - celery, carrots, chips. Toss your noodles, veggies, pasta, quinoa. Marinade tofu and grill...Yum! Or simmer in coconut milk to make a Thai or African peanut curry. Tons of ways to use it and tons of recipes on our website to show you how to do it too.

peanut condiment uses collage of recipes


Sounds amazing but is it healthy??
No Palm Oils; No Hydrogenated Oils; 7g of protein per serving; 0g Trans fats; 0g Cholestrol; 1-2g of Sugar (depending on flavor); No GMO's; Dairy Free; Soy Free; Gluten Free* (*not certified Gluten Free but made using strict industry practices to avoid cross contamination)
So are you ready to try some? 
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