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Yummy gifts for Everyone (& You!)

Good food is all about amazing flavors & that is our passion! Our Gourmet Blends are created with Premium All Natural Spices and Handcrafted in small batches for great quality and taste. We have thoughtfully created 3 Unique Gourmet Blend packs packaged in a beautiful box, perfect šŸŽ for anyone who appreciates good food!

Flavor Up!


This is the perfect pack for grillers! It includes:
Quebec - Montreal style seasoning with red pepper flakes and warm spices
Fiery Coffee - Rich roasted coffee balanced with other spices
Garlic Heaven - Deep garlic flavors with herbs
Mardi Gras - Cajun spices with cayenne, garlic, onion and herbs

Low/No Sugar - Low/No salt - Vegan


Great gift idea for any foodie! The set includes:
Pizza - Spicy heat from red pepper flakes with herbs for flavor
Burger - Garlic, onion, herbs and fennel for a delectable difference
Taco - Cumin, garlic, spices and cayenne...yumm
EvryThng - Sesame seeds, spices and Chia seeds (not Poppy seeds) for crunch

No Added Sugars - No salt - Whole30Approved - Vegan       


Love trying out different cuisines? Then this one's for you! This set includes:
Sazon - Latin American flair with No Salt or MSG
Herbs De Provence - Perfect French blend of savory, rosemary, thyme and other herbs 
Berbere - Delicious Ethiopian spices with just the right amount of HEAT!
Tikka - A must have for any Indian food lover

No Added Sugars - No salt -  Whole30Approved - Vegan    

Why Nummy Nibbles

Handcrafted in small batches 
Low to No Salt
Low to Zero Sugar
Keto friendly
MSG Free
All Natural Ingredients

We are passionate about great tasting real food options without artificial colors, additives and preservatives. This led us to launch our own plant based food company, Nummy Nibbles. All our products are exactly what we wanted for ourselves - Delicious, Healthy & No Artificial Anything ever!

Customer Testimonials

"Great variety of spices"
This was a good spice pack. Had a nice range of flavors to cook/grill with. Overall very tasty.
-Patrick (Amazon Customer)

"Boyfriend loves it!"
Excellent packaging. Beautiful bottles and labels. Bought as gift for SO and he loves it. Planning to get more for Xmas gifting. -Katherine (website customer)

"Full of Flavor"
Love the flavors of the spice blends. They go well with meats and veggies and Iā€™m trying to find more ways to try them. They are saltless so great for those watching sodium intakes. We have all three packs and love all the blends.
 - Nicole (Amazon Customer)

 "This stuff is tops!"
The spices came in a nice box, packaged well. Very unique flavors, and plenty for a bunch of meals. Would definitely recommend.
- Andrew (Amazon Customer)

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